The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (LD-Rental)


If you need an interactive and fun exercise for a one-time event, you’ll be pleased with how powerful, straightforward and basically bombproof Dutchman is. You can run this yourself–we have been renting it for years with great results! (The LD-Rental exercise is quite robust, so small delivery glitches have no impact and will not be perceived by the group!)

References are available and the exercise can be delivered without a great deal of training or delivery experience. You do not have to be a professional trainer or facilitator to deliver this — we have had secretaries deliver the game to the leadership team at their company with great results and only a small amount of coaching.

Product Details

And you can reliably count on Scott Simmerman, the designer of the exercise, to assist you with telephone support until you feel comfortable and assured of success! He is committed to your success and satisfaction with the game.

LD-Rental is available for North American (USA and Canada) clients only and we offer a purchase discount should you like the program and want to purchase it for repeated long-term use. This exercise is great for large events, but it also works well for smaller groups, classroom training and other kinds of uses.

In some situations, it makes sense to rent the Lost Dutchman exercise rather than to purchase. The rental version is packaged with all the support and materials you need to deliver Dutchman. It can also be customized by us to meet special needs (this may be at an additional cost depending on the specific needs). We have various pricing options available as shown below.



Number of tables

Support TeamNeeded**

Comments and Notes





One person can bank the game as well as deliver it. Works with teams of 4





One person can bank the game as well as deliver it. You can also use a Provisioner as support (makes it a bit easier)




1 or 2 Pro

You should use a Provisioner to bank the game and dedicate yourself to be Expedition Leader.




1 or 2 Pro

One skilled Provisioner can bank 9 teams but it is a lot. Consider having 2 Provisioners. Also




2 Pro

We suggest two Provisioners




2 Pro +1 Co-EL

This gets busy with 11 teams trading at a single Trading Post. You will definitely need 2 Provisioners and a Co-Expedition Leader to make things flow.




2 Pro +1 Co-EL

With this many tabletops




2 or 3 Pro +1 Co-EL

With this many tabletops




2 or 3 Pro +1 Co-EL

With this many tabletops




3 or 4 Pro +1 Co-EL

With this many tabletops




4 Pro +2 Co-EL

With this many tabletops




4 Pro +2 Co-EL

$With this many tabletops




4 Pro +2 Co-EL

Play with two Pods of 9 teams




4 Pro +2 Co-EL

Play with two Pods of 10 teams




4 Pro +2 Co-EL

Play with two Pods of 10 teams

Rental of The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

You can always arrange for PMC staff or business colleagues to deliver the exercise for your organization or to provide coaching support to top management to optimize their delivery and facilitation, for an additional fee to be determined in discussion. Overall, you will find our pricing to be very reasonable for such support.

We can also extend the day with presentations involving Square Wheels or one of our other tabletop team building business simulations.

Clients sometimes prefer us to assist in the delivery to senior management groups or for large events. We have delivered the exercise repeatedly to groups of 125 to 250 and have also delivered it to groups of 600. Larger groups would be no problem since the exercise is quite flexible for the number of participants. Please speak with us if an option such as this might be preferred. People are often surprised with how inexpensive this can be compared to other activities and programs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Contact Us Today!


**The Provisioner assists by “banking” the exercise while the Expedition Leader introduces the exercise to participants, answer questions, gives the teams the Resource Packs, handles the weather and debriefing. Co-Expedition Leaders will answer questions and provide on-the-floor support during play.*Pricing does not include shipment costs. The game and all materials would need to be returned by UPS or one of the overnight shipping companies being shipped the next day. Fees are pre-paid and all materials are expected to be returned; a deposit is also required to cover the cost of materials.

As games get larger than 6 tabletops, Expedition Leaders benefit by having additional support so that they can be on the floor and answering questions. The Provisioners serve as “bankers” and handle transactions, accepting the consumed resources and tracking teams progress each day.

With Provisioners handling the transactions, it frees the Expedition Leader to more actively support the teams as they play. Both Provisioners and Expedition Leaders are there to support the teams to optimize overall results, to? Mine as much Gold as We Can.”

As the room gets larger with more tabletops, the administration generally remains about the same, with Provisioners handling up to 5 teams and the adding of Co-Expedition Leaders to lend teams support and answer questions.

There is no theoretical limit to how large a session can be, in reality. One session of nearly 900 people was done in India by a client with a very large venue! If you have a session larger than 120 people, contact us and we can provide more detail.


The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (LD-Rental)

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