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Square Wheels - Organizational Development Tools

How most organizations really work

Cartoons and Images are known to quickly engage people and inspire communications. This sets the premise for our Square Wheels organizational development tools.

Square Wheels is a learning tool that can be used for a half-day facilitated workshop where participants get to look at line-art illustrations, analyses situations, and think of possible outcomes. People react to what they see by quickly spinning things around and reflecting on their own workplaces, thereby, leading to a sharing of different perspectives and ideas for improvements. You quickly generate collaborative engagement and the momentum to do things differently.

​The idea is to identify the Square Wheels (what doesn’t work) of the organization and convert them into Round Wheels (the better ideas) that can be implemented in business scenarios. It establishes a safe way to discuss issues and opportunities that leads to increased communications, active involvement and a sense of ownership and empowerment for employees.

The approach is simple

  • Understand the Square Wheels concept
  • Identify the organization’s Square Wheels
  • Convert Square Wheels into Round wheels
  • Dot Voting
  • Identify implementation champions
  • Plan next steps
Communications about workplace practices, process improvement, and change are often difficult because of fear or a perception of criticism. However, by facilitating a session that gives participants a chance to “step back from the wagon” and gain important perspective that generates reactions, thoughts and ideas from Square Wheels illustration/images, this will help create better ways to accomplish things! #morebetterfaster!

Consider the many benefits for using these illustrations to focus on the simple reality that many systems and processes could operate more smoothly or more effectively. Communications about process improvement and change are often difficult and leaders realize that there are always better ways to accomplish things! These are great organizational development tools and easy to use! They initiate dialogue allowing opportunities for discovery. They are also inexpensive and quite flexible in application.

Initiate questions and dialogue to create opportunities for discovery! Square Wheels illustrations/images are inexpensive and quite flexible in application. And we guarantee your satisfaction!

What our customers have to say

I have been a trainer for a few years now–I would not have believed that “one” image could hold everyone’s attention and bring out the discussions that took place in a 2.5 hour learning session but the Square Wheels One image was awesome!
Square Wheels is an excellent tool, with well-written text, great visuals and a must for any company or individual who is serious about change and making improvements!

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