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Engaging Workplace Improvement with Square Wheels® and LEGO

Involving and engaging people has a wide variety of benefits and is a requirement for workplace innovations.

So, here is a very simple animation and discussion facilitation toolkit designed to generate thoughts and ideas about continuous continuous improvement along with discussions about commitment and motivation to change. It includes delivery ideas and is adaptable to your situation.

You can share this toolkit with your people using ZOOM or projected as an onsite discussion. It a is designed to get people thinking about issues and opportunities for making improvements.

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Product Details

Promote the sharing of ideas and opportunities

Features and Benefits:

  • Included with the animation are a series of open-ended questions to get them sharing their ideas and making some links between the video and their workplace .
  • We have been using this Square Wheels® metaphor for 30 years in a very wide variety of training programs and interactive conference presentations. This video is meant to be a very simple way to get people to share some thoughts.

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Here is more about Square Wheels

The Square Wheels metaphor encourages open communication, simplified systems and processes, provides clarity, resolves conflicts, and helps teams deliver solutions at a fast pace.

Facilitation experience

Square Wheels programs can be facilitated by anyone desiring a platform from which to ask the questions that get people talking and reacting in a productive way.


The Square Wheels illustrations/images are available as downloadable materials and the Square Wheels theme is also represented in our Square Wheels Games and Exercises.


The Toolkit includes everything needed for a successful facilitation using the Square Wheels One illustration/image (both Line-Art and Lego options are provided). Included are PowerPoint slides, pdf-based handouts and instructions, and ideas for facilitating a powerful session.

What our customers have to say

I have been a trainer for a few years now–I would not have believed that “one” image could hold everyone’s attention and bring out the discussions that took place in a 2.5 hour learning session but the Square Wheels One image was awesome!
Square Wheels is an excellent tool, with well-written text, great visuals and a must for any company or individual who is serious about change and making improvements!


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