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Santa – Getting the Job Done and Living The Dream!

Work is work. And some things just do not work smoothly.

Having some fun

It is not about effort, but about systems and processes that do not work smoothly and the idea that things can continually be improved.

There are lots of idea and available resources, if only the gang could stop pushing and pulling and Step Back from the Wagon!

Have FUN out there!

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Dr. Scott Simmerman

Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of the amazing Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine team building game and the Square Wheels facilitation and engagement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced global presenter. -- You can reach Scott at and a detailed profile is here: -- Scott is the original designer of The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine teambuilding game and the Square Wheels® images for organizational development.

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