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Slogans about People and Performance, Illustrated with Square Wheels

Occasionally, I will see something that buzzes my brain and I will go off running in that direction because it interests me. A week ago, I saw some slogans for companies in a particular industry, so I started a collection. This then built itself into a list, which I then transformed and adapted to different cartoons.

Here are some I linked to the Square Wheels One illustration, my old stuff in the line-art style, and that I thought were cute, funny, ironic, paradoxical or just plain silly. Take a few seconds to allow the slogan to float around with the thoughts around the illustration and tell me which one or ones that you like the best. Here goes:

SWs One one-liner slogans 1

SWs One one-liner slogans 2

SWs One one-liner slogans 3

SWs One one-liner slogans 4

SWs One one-liner slogans 5

SWs One one-liner slogans 6

Are we having fun yet?

What do you think is YOUR favorite? Your thoughts and comments below would be appreciated. And please feel free to LIKE these, if you like them!

If you suggest one, I will do it up using our new LEGO versions of the theme and create a poster or similar.

Square Wheels Involvement toolYou can read about some of the new ideas we have for impacting involvement and engagement in the workplace if you click on the image above or go here to other posts in my blog or click here to go to a whole new blog on quips and one-liners and posters and similar.

Square Wheels LEGO poster of engagement and motivation

For the FUN of It!

Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of team building games and organization improvement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced presenter and consultant.

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Dr. Scott Simmerman

Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of the amazing Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine team building game and the Square Wheels facilitation and engagement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced global presenter. -- You can reach Scott at and a detailed profile is here: -- Scott is the original designer of The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine teambuilding game and the Square Wheels® images for organizational development.

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